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Gamereactor Live: Evolve Weekend Special

Join us on Sunday for the Evolve beta, starring both the Wraith and Hunter Team C.

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This Sunday we're going to be playing Evolve live on GRTV here at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET. Come join us as we play the available maps and modes, and see the new monster and hunters that we'll be testing courtesy of Turtle Rock and 2K Games.

So join us on Sunday and see both the Wraith and Hunter Team C in action, as we get stuck into the beta for at least two hours. We'll be playing on Xbox One and our username is GamereactorLive, so feel free to hunt us down and join in the action.


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"Evolve is certainly not a game for everyone, but fans of innovative, strategic action will not be disappointed. It feels innovative and extremely exciting."

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