Gamereactor launches PlayStation 4 app today

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As you probably know already Gamereactor is so much more than just a print magazine and a website about games. We stretch across nine European countries, reaching millions of gamers each day. We have apps for both Android and iOS, as well as an app for Samsung Smart TVs featuring content from GRTV.

Gamereactor launches PlayStation 4 app today

Now, we're branching out again, to the very place you play your games!

That's right, starting today you can download our Gamereactor app on PlayStation 4, letting you view all our content directly on your console! In addition to original programming such as daily livestreams, news casts, interviews and various shows, the Gamereactor app also gives you access to thousands of trailers, and it's all in glorious HD resolution.

What could be better than catching up on the wonderful world of gaming on the very same platform you use to play? Switch between intense play sessions and livestreams at your own pleasure. What a time to be alive!

Get started today. Download the Gamereactor PlayStation 4 app on PlayStation Store now! It is also available via the PS Store on your PS4 (you may have to search for it manually as the storefront has yet to be updated).

Gamereactor launches PlayStation 4 app todayGamereactor launches PlayStation 4 app today

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