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The Crew: Ironclad Dash
  • on the 2nd of March 2015
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"Ironclad Dash" starts March 30th

Race through bushes and creeks.
To participate, just add "GamereactorLive" on PSN, XBOX LIVE or UPLAY.

This trials ends on April 13th at midday.The 3 winners will be rewarded with on of the following prizes:

  • Optional game fromWebhallen
  • A season pass to The Crew (PC, Xbox One or PS4)
  • 50% Discount code for one optional game on Uplay

There will eventually be an overall winner after all the 4 GR Trials are completed, who wins the main prize- a Thrustmaster Racing Wheel (Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel 458 for Xbox One or Thrustmaster T300RS for PS3, PS4 and PC)



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