Gamereactor chooses Game of the Year 2012!

Welcome to our annual Awards, a celebratory look back at those titles that have brought us a lot of joy over the past twelve months.

Inside you'll find our top three picks for each of eight different categories, covering all those aspects important to making the games of 2012 really stand out amongst their competitors, and of course, the big one: the Game of the Year. Though that's been a harder category than previous times to whittle down the list to just a trio of titles, but not for the reasons you may think.

2012's been a solid year. We've seen titles that have dazzled from the opening months all the way through to only a few weeks ago. Yet there's been no one solitary game that's easily stood head and shoulders above the rest as the ultimate title that everyone's agreeing on. you can argue that due to a wider diversity of greats this year - a lot of genres are being represented this time round. Also the games that have really stood out haven't been your Triple-A blockbusters. A good portion of these categories are made up of digital downloads, experiences measured in hours of the low, single digit variety. We're definitely seeing a shift in what we've come to qualify as 'traditional' this generation, and it's becoming increasingly unfair to segregate titles because of their distribution model. A great game's a great game, period. Expect this year to be the last of 'traditional' categories. But definitely not the end of arguments over winners.


/Gillen McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

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