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GAME releases new Gamereactor-powered mobile app

New releases, deals, exclusive competitions, and editorial content provided by Gamereactor.

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Today GAME released its new-look mobile app, and it's powered by Gamereactor!

That's right, you can now take care of all your retail needs by heading over to the App Store or Google Play and downloading the redesigned app. On top of a fresh new look the app includes the latest deals, exclusive "money can't buy" competitions, and editorial coverage direct from Gamereactor.

On top of the new-look interface and on-the-go access to Gamereactor editorial, you'll be able to check your GAME wallet, use your digital reward card in-store, value your old games before you trade them in, and unlock Reward Accolades by trading-in, buying pre-owned games, and putting down pre-orders. Simply head this way for more details.

"The GAME app has been downloaded 3.56 million times and has an exceptionally loyal user base. This demonstrates the scale of our community size but it's also the reason behind the range of new features we're introducing," GAME COO Guy Lister said.

"To maintain our community and attract new users, it's clear we need to keep content fresh and interesting to give gamers a genuine reason to engage with us. Our partnership with Gamereactor and new 'money can't buy' competitions will ensure that our users are provided with a repeat incentive. Ultimately, this will help us reach the landmark of 5 million downloads that we are aiming to achieve."

GAME releases new Gamereactor-powered mobile appGAME releases new Gamereactor-powered mobile appGAME releases new Gamereactor-powered mobile appGAME releases new Gamereactor-powered mobile app

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