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Elite Dangerous

Game On: An exclusive look at Elite Dangerous' Fleet Carriers before takeoff

Greetings, Commanders. Enjoy the update's launch trailer only on Gamereactor together with some insight by Frontier's developers.

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You first learned about the release date for Elite Dangerous expansion Fleet Carriers' final release date here on Gamereactor and now, on the eve of that date, you can exclusively watch the content's uplifting launch trailer right here, as part of our Game On initiative:


As the trailer shows, these massive ships allow for hyperspace jumps and host up to 16 players, letting them travel and take on missions together.

The content went through two stages of beta testing in the past two months, and according to the dev team, this was useful as "a clear understanding of how different groups of players wanted to use fleet carriers". Not just in terms of gathering and travelling together, but also "to check the importance of different onboard services to different players - this included everything from Universal Cartographics to secure trading", as Frontier Developments proudly told Gamereactor.

"Fleet Carriers are a game-changing update for a variety of players", the dev team further explained when asked about accessibility for newcomers, "whether you have managed to scrimp and save up enough credits to own one for yourself or you are playing with your squadmates". In this regard, besides pursuing the ownership of one of these carriers, "the beauty is what they enable players to do on a community level, to expand their reach into the farthest reaches of space." As an example of this, the devs mention community initiatives such as the impressive DSSA (Deep Space Support Array).

The new multiplayer experience will keep users busy until the recently-announced Odyssey expansion releases early next year. Talking to Gamereactor, the studio admits to being "super excited to announce Odyssey last week, our next Era for Elite Dangerous which will allow players to explore worlds on foot for the first time".

When are you planning your first space jump with friends and on which platform? Good luck, fly safely, stay tuned to Gamereactor's Game On, and leave a comment below.

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