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GAME is selling pants for Valentine's

His and hers underwear options from High Street retailer.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, High Street retailer GAME is selling his and hers underwear at their Stratford store this week.

The reason? I hear you scream... these "pheromone fuelled" undies are to help tempt loved ones away from their respective consoles and back into the bedroom on Valentine's Day.

If you needed further explanation, here's some research conducted by GAME. 23% of customers questioned admitted to being tempted to nip off for a "console quickie" (that represents 19% women and 26% men). 24% admitted that their partner paid more attention to their console than to them.

Marketing Director Ailsa McKnight said: "We understand and share our customers' passion and commitment for gaming but we want to do our bit for harmony on February 14th. Many of us can get easily distracted by our consoles - even on Valentine's Day."

"It can be tempting to dip into a game for a few minutes, lose track of time while the dinner is on the table and then get caught in the act. Hopefully the GAME On range of undies can be a more welcome distraction to help bring couples together."

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