Game developer satisfaction survey reveals biggest concerns

Discrimination and job security remain key problems according to the IGDA survey.

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The International Game Developers Association IGDA has revealed its findings from 2023. A year full of layoffs and uncertainty for many game creators didn't reveal a great look on the industry as a whole.

In the IGDA survey, we can see that leading problems are things such as job security, work-life balance or the non-existence of it, and discrimination. "Even a full-time, salaried position is not long-term stable employment nor is it without employment risks," reads the survey. "Unlimited and unpaid overtime has not worsened according to the DSS data, but it has also not been eliminated. Layoffs often come with a call to do more with less and teams may face increased burdens in the months to come."

The survey, which is focused on North American developers, also calls out the use of freelancers, and how they are often worse off compared to salaried employees, earning next to no benefits and getting a fraction of the pay. Many were reported as earning $15,000 a year or less.

The survey also called out an existing amount of discrimination in the workplace. It found that most game developers in the US were still younger white men with no childcare responsibilities. It also found high reports of mental illness within gaming developers.

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Game developer satisfaction survey reveals biggest concerns

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