Game Awards 2018 hoping to host big game announcements

Geoff Keighley joined us in Gamelab to talk about his plans.

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There was a ton of stuff to talk about at last year's Game Awards, including a pretty notorious incident with Josef Fares, and we talked to the man behind the event Geoff Keighley at Gamelab to discuss how last year went and what we can expect for this year's instalment towards the end of 2018.

"Well the Game Awards will be back this year - December 6 is the date in America, in Los Angeles - so we'll air it around the world so everyone over here in Europe can watch it as well," he said. "This is our fifth year of the show, I can't believe that it's been five years of the Game Awards since I started it, and as you mentioned, the Video Game Awards, I did it for many years at Spike TV, aired around the world, and now I have my own thing, the Game Awards."

"So last year was a really special year for us. Our audience grew three times larger than it ever had been before, we had some amazing announcements, lots of big surprises, so this year we're gonna really take what we did last year and just expand on it. We're hoping to have some other big games that'll be announced for the first time there, we're gonna have the big orchestra again, so a lot of big music and spectacular celebration, and maybe Josef Fares will be there too, I don't know, we'll have to see."

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Game Awards 2018 hoping to host big game announcements

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