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Gambit has won the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin

The team has punched its ticket to the Champions event this December.

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The third stage of the Valorant Champions Tour has now wrapped up, following a lengthy international tournament that brought all of the best teams in the world to compete in Berlin, Germany. The event started on September 10 and concluded last night with a massive final between Team Envy and Gambit Esports, a match that saw the pair competing for $225,000 and a ticket to the Champions event later this year.

Despite Envy looking strong through the bracket, Gambit was the superior team when it came to the match-up, seeing the game end with a 3-0 result in favour of Gambit. Envy didn't go down without a fight, seeing each map go the distance, but in the end, it was Gambit who came out on top each time.

This tournament means that we have 12 of the 16 teams lined up and ready to compete in the Champions level event set for this December. We won't know who the remaining four teams will be until the Last Chance tournament has concluded, with the first set of matches in this event slated to kick-off in October.

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