G2A reveals plans for worldwide game developer support

System should improve access to benefits in digital gaming marketplaces.

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G2A has announced that they have plans in place to support developers worldwide in the future, citing "recent events" as the reason for the move. The aim, they say, is to create "the marketplace of the future".

This system comes after G2A and Tinybuild recently had a public dispute about G2A's marketplace, with Tinybuild accusing G2A of allowing a black market economy to exist through their site. G2A, Tinybuild claimed, were aware of fraudulent transactions on their site and even profited from them, not only with Tinybuild's games but with a variety acquired by illegal means like stolen credit cards.

Last week Tinybuild also posted potential solutions to the issue online for G2A to adopt after G2A had issued them with their own solution in providing the list of keys believed to be fraudulent.

G2A claim their new solutions are therefore a response to "input and feedback" about the site. They also recognise that they're looking at "an industry changing rapidly," and that they "need to support developers in new ways". Below they detail the new toolset to be made available to their partners:

Royalties on Third-party Auctions: Developers may apply a royalty of up to 10 percent for any of their products sold on the G2A marketplace, which provides a way for developers to monetize third-party transactions.

Priority Placement: Developer-managed auctions will be listed first, above third-party sellers, to provide more visibility and transparency. Developers will also be able to create their own custom storefront featuring all of their products and promotions.

Chargeback Protection: G2A offers G2A Pay with free integration to developers as a protection on their own websites to mitigate their risk factors (especially beneficial for small developers, beginners and those who feel that their security systems are not sufficient).

Dedicated Database Access: Developers will have access to our database information to verify sales, volume and timing to track the lifecycle of every key and identify illegal practices.

Dedicated Account Managers: We're expanding our dedicated account manager model to support developers and to resolve any question or issue, especially those related to security concerns.

Developer Funding Option: Many gamers wish to support their favorite developers. For the first time, they will be able to contribute funds directly through an additional button on the developer's product page.

Expansive Global Access: Multi-language translation program expands exposure for developers to our 10 million global customers who are eager for new games from Indie developers.

We support all members of the gaming community and we're pleased to bring these new benefits to all developers at no additional charge.

In regards to those who may continue to pursue illegal practices on the site, G2A also says that they will "investigate and ban offending parties from further participation" and that they work with law enforcement to make sure that their marketplace is secure. They are also very much confident in their security system in that regard.

What do you think of the new features proposed by the company? Are they enough to repair G2A's reputation after a damaging week in the public spotlight?

G2A reveals plans for worldwide game developer support

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