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G2 Esports announces all-women's Rocket League team

The roster, known as Luna, will be competing in North America.

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G2 Esports is one esports organisation that has really committed to women's esports. It has multiple all-women rosters across a variety of titles, and today's news simply picks up on that even further.

As G2 Esports has now announced that it has signed an all-women's Rocket League team, with this set to be known as Luna, and set to compete in the North American region.

The roster is made up of three individuals, with those being: Jaime "Karma" Bickford, Carlee "Kiaa" Eichhorst, and Gio "Avenger" Sy, with Karma tapped as the team's captain.

"Our newest Rocket League roster, Luna, marks our fourth all-female team to be announced in the last 12 months. It makes me immensely proud to see us leading the charge in creating role models and inspiration for the next generation," said Sabrina Ratih, COO of G2 Esports. "While ultimately working towards a mixed-team reality is our long-term goal, this announcement also represents our continued expansion into the North American market, which remains a key focus for G2."

Rocket League

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