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Future E3 will "probably be a mix of physical and digital"

E3 2021 starts tomorrow, June 12.

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Although E3 does not technically start until Saturday, the organiser ESA has already confirmed they are planning the show for next year. And it seems like this will once again happen in physical capacity, although digital elements will be kept as well.

In an interview with Games Industry, the ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis explains what they are learning from this years event:

"This will provide us with an opportunity to present to members of the industry, media, and fans an opportunity to participate fully, and I think that provides a real unique opportunity to learn this year what we can apply to future events that will probably be a mix of physical and digital."

How does a mix of both physical and a digital E3 sound like to you?

Future E3 will "probably be a mix of physical and digital"

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