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Conan Exiles

Funcom on Conan Exile's manhood slider: 'Nobody was upset'

Director Joel Bylos has spoken about the famous feature.

Almost a year ago we found out that Conan Exiles features a slider that lets you adjust the length of your character's manhood, if indeed you are a man, and now the game's director Joel Bylos has spoken to PC Gamer about the feature, and how it came about.

"When we decided to do it, when we discussed it internally, we asked: 'does it fit the setting, should we do it, and is it problematic?' We basically decided that there's nothing sexual in the game, it does fit the setting, and it was like: 'who's done dicks before? Sure, why not, let's do it'," Bylos explained. "We then talked about it with marketing and they wanted to make a big deal of it. I said, no, let's not, let's not talk about it at all, let's have people find out about it the day they play the game—let's not say a damn thing about it in our marketing. I got them on board with that. "

"Our marketing team is pretty good at playing up the features in a game—to have something that big not be advertised, I think just took a lot of people by surprise. It then became a big thing for us. The problem is, of course, we can't top it with anything."

"I was really happy because it could be controversial, right? It seemed mostly that women were like: 'finally, a d*** slider, which is like a boob slider that games have had for years'. Women were happy, then, and men thought it was hilarious, so it was completely fine. That was the only thing I was worried about beforehand, that someone might be upset. But nobody was upset, so that worked out particularly well."

"I think we all just had a chuckle," he continued, "and everyone just looked at each other and said: 'who's going to tell our artists?' They thought it was hilarious, too, and had reference d**** on their screens for about a week. Every time people walked past they would have a screen full of d****, which was kind of funny."

Did you have a chuckle at the manhood slider?

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