Valhalla Hills

Funatics wants to return to its roots with Valhalla Hills

We chat with Engine Programmer Timo Schiller.

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We caught up with Engine Programmer Timo Schiller from Funatics to talk about Valhalla Hills. A game that reminds us a lot of old Settlers games and one of the main programmers used to work with the first two Settlers games:

"We wanted to make a classical building game, like those old Cultures titles, which are also made by Funatics", Schiller explains. "It's not an RTS game, so you don't control every single person, but you make decisions on a global scale."

The player is in charge of placing different buildings, roads and such and the Vikings will carry out their chores to the best of their abilities. They are not robots, so they also want to eat, sleep and stay healthy.

There are enemies in the game, but since you don't control Vikings directly, you can't send the to attack them. Instead you have to build military camps, and the Vikings stationed there will automatically beat up on all enemies who happen to wander too close.

The goal of the game is to reach Valhalla, but you probably won't make it that far on your first try. The game has objectives, which unlock content for your next playthrough. For instance walking long enough with Vikings unlocks roads.

Valhalla Hills is already available via Steam's Early Access for £15.99. They are currently discussing the possibility of mobile and console versions, but this requires a bit of work as they would have to tune the controls and redesign the UI.


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