Fumito Ueda's new game world wants to surprise fans

We talked to the developer at Fun & Serious Game Festival, and during our interview, we discussed his inspirations as well as GenDesign's current structure.

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Famous developer Fumito Ueda was in Bilbao, Spain last week to receive the Vanguard Award at Fun & Serious Game Festival, and before that he sat down with Gamereactor to talk about what's been going on at GenDesign as of late. While he can't disclose much on their new, still secret game, the Japanese designer admitted they're looking to surprise people with the genre and the game world they're building.

"At present, I can really not clearly explain or provide details of the new piece of work that we're creating", he told Gamereactor during the full interview. "However, vis-à-vis its artistic style it's going to be something similar to what we've been doing until now, although there will be unique elements in it. And in terms of the genre of the game, or the world which appears in the video game, we hope that it'll be something that will surprise gamers and fans of our video games. We're currently working with enthusiasm to arrive to this moment".

With their new indie approach, Ueda also explained there's a team of about 10 people at the studio right now, working on both "artistic creation and also the creation of prototypes", which means the new project is still at a very early stage.

In the full interview Ueda shares a very interesting view on competition and also talks about potential inspiration for new games, including his favourite TV shows and games of the year.

What do you want to see from this new project?

Fumito Ueda's new game world wants to surprise fans
Fun and Serious Game Festival

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