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Fumito Ueda to keynote Nordic Game 2017

Creator of Ico and The Last Guardian set to speak with Massive CEO at conference.

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Fumito Ueda, who famously led Team Ico during the production of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus as well as The Last Guardian, will keynote this year's Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden. During the lengthy development of The Last Guardian, Ueda left Sony to set up his own company, genDesign in 2011, but he remained in charge of the creative side of The Last Guardian.

Ueda will have a talk about game design with Massive Entertainment (The Division) CEO David Polfeldt, and he will join the panel of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest, where finalist will be able to pitch their concepts to Ueda and his fellow panelists.

Nordic Game is held between May 17-19 this year.

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