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Fumito Ueda praises Rime at Gamelab

"I bought the game the very day it came out!"

Rime did very well during the Spanish Games Industry Awards, collecting seven prizes at the ceremony which took place last week at Gamelab Barcelona 2017.

After a challenging development process that included a breakup with Sony and PlayStation, the colourful adventure finally came out earlier this year as a multiplatform game (you can read our review here).

Around release, many players noted that the game has a feel that resembles the games made by Team Ico, and we went straight to Fumito Ueda to ask him if he knew the game and perhaps share his thoughts.

"Yes, I, in fact, bought the game the very day it came out! I have completed it already. What I found brilliant about that game is particularly the animation department, and the music aspect was really good as well," he told Gamereactor at Gamelab.

This is just a small part of our interview with Ueda-san at Gamelab. You will see the full interview in the coming days. After that, Ueda met Raúl Rubio, director of Rime, and we captured the moment for posterity.


Update: here's the full interview with Ueda-san:

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