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Diablo Immortal

Fully upgrading your character in Diablo Immortal will cost you more than $100,000

The only way to fully upgrade your character involves microtransactions and loot boxes, and they aren't exactly cheap.

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Diablo Immortal was launched some days ago (here you can read our review) and thousands of players have started their adventure on PC and mobile devices. What is not so clear is if they will be able to exploit all the possibilities of their characters, as according to some reports and tests, fully upgrading a character may be really expensive.

This is due to the obtention of the highest tier Legendary Gems, a premium currency in the game that can be used to upgrade a character in the endgame. These gems cannot be earned by our direct actions in the game and can be only purchased with real money. And that's not even the worst, as the gems cannot be directly purchased, but they only show up in the loot boxes.

In a Reddit thread discussing the situation, it has been calculated the amount of money necessary to completely upgrade a character, which can reach $110,000, considering that each 5-star Legendary Gem requires more upgrades until reaching level 10, which multiplies the number of boxes needed and the consequent cost.

Diablo Immortal loot boxes have prevented the game from arriving in Holland and Belgium, due to the legislation that regulates bets and gambling in those countries.

Diablo ImmortalDiablo Immortal

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