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Fullbright's Tacoma lands on PlayStation 4

The release is set for May 8, almost a year after its arrival on PC and Xbox One.

Steve Gaynor, one of the co-founders of Fullbright (the studio behind Gone Home), recently spoke about Tacoma in a post on the PlayStation Blog, where we learn that the game will land PlayStation 4 in two weeks, or more specifically on May 8.

The title is now available for pre-order at the cost of £11.99 /€ 14.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and this marks the first time PS4 players will have the chance to put themselves in the shoes of an astronaut who will visit an abandoned vessel. The experience unfolds by reliving the last hours of the crew through recorded discussions and broadcasted in augmented reality, and if you've played Gone Home you might be familiar with this kind of struture.

The game will even get a new feature with this PS4 release, namely a Commentary Mode, allowing players to enjoy more than two hours of anecdotes from writers, designers, artists, and programmers.

While you wait, you might want to read our review of the game from its original release. Will you be getting it on PS4 though?

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