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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Full eFootball.Pro League details revealed

Including the format of the competition.

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This past weekend saw the eFootball.Pro League have its official presentation at Highvideo Studios in Barcelona, and while the competition will start on December 2, we have the full details to get excited about.

To recap, the league will be played using Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and feature the six teams that have already been unveiled: FC Barcelona, FC Schalke 04, AS Monaco, Celtic FC, Boavista FC, and FC Nantes.

The competition will run from December this year to May next year, with matches played on Saturdays or Sundays, and will have three stages broken down into the Regular Season, the Last Chance Group, and the Finals. The Regular Season will end in April and have five match days, with the last three teams going into the Last Chance Group, ending in May. The winner also qualifies for the Finals, which will take place in May with semi-finals and a grand final.

The Regular Season and Last Chance Group will have a best-of-two format. If one team wins both games they get all three points, but if a team wins one game and then draws the other, the team that won the game wins the entire match and all three points too. If each team wins one game or both games are ties though, both will receive one point. Semi-finals will then be best-of-three, increasing to best-of-five for the grand finals.

The first matches on December 2 will be FC Barcelona taking on Boavista FC, while AS Monaco is taking on FC Schalke 04, leaving FC Nantes to face Celtic FC. The stream will start at 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT) and you can watch the matches over on Twitch.

Speaking of watching, we also have a brand new trailer to get us pumped before the action begins. Is this an exciting prospect?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

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