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Frostpunk devs reveal a roadmap for free content this year

Including new modes, features, and patches.

11 bit Studios has unveiled a brand new roadmap of free content coming to their survival game Frostpunk this year, but that's not all, as there's even more planned for 2019 that will add to the new modes, features, and more coming before the end of 2018.

"The City has survived but that's not the end of the journey - we are ready for further expeditions," the studio writes. "This development road map will give you the idea of where Frostpunk is heading in 2018. We have planned some substantial content updates - unlocking new modes, tools and scenarios - on top of continuous technical patches which will arrive when necessary. It should go without saying that all of those are going to be FREE updates. And we have even more stuff planned for 2019..."

Next month, for example, there's a new mode called Survivor, which we expect should produce an extra layer of challenge, but then we're also getting a People & Automatons update, a new Builders scenario, an Endurance mode, and Winter Snapshots, all of which comes alongside continuous patches.

For our review, check out the video below the roadmap. Are you a Frostpunk player?


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