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Frontier scraps Elite: Dangerous CQC tournament

The doubts about the tournament have been realised.

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Last week the anticipated CQC Tournament for Elite: Dangerous was cancelled via an announcement on the Frontier forum.

Parts of the Elite: Dangerous community had been excited about the CQC Tournament since its announcement in November last year as many had felt PvP had been neglected from the game. Phase one started with the announcement with phase two meant to start early this year with qualifying heats, although they never saw the light of day. After this phase 16 PC players and 16 Xbox One players were supposed to be settled on and would win a seat at the live final along with accommodation, travel and a winner's goody bag.

A $15,000 prize pot would be split between these two finals if they had happened and the whole event was meant to have a live crowd - by all means it sounded very ambitious.

Many fans of the series had expressed concerns over the fate of the tournament given Frontier's lack of communication, and for a long time there was no word.

Now Frontier's head of community Zac Antonaci has put the final nail in the coffin last week in a post on their forum.

He stated that delays with the 2.1 update and their desire to run an event the way they had planned had meant that running the tournament was not feasible at this time although he did say that "we will be having a contest with a prize fund at a future date".

Antonaci did say that there would be another CQC tournament in the form of The Icarus Cup this year, requiring players to form themselves into squads of eight. These winners will take home an Icarus Cup Decal and dashboard trophy.

Some fans have vented their frustration on the internet about the whole situation, some pointing out that $100,000 dollars was misleading as that was a figure to do with the budget and not the prize pot.

Elite: Dangerous

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