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Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier on having the booth everyone talks about at E3

We had a chat with Frontier as their latest game launched during E3.

With a Jurassic Park jeep in the South Hall lobby, massive banners, and a booth big enough for T-Rex Frontier Developments and Jurassic World Evolution had a major presence as the game launched during the event in Los Angeles.

We caught up with head of animations Nick Rodgers and executive producer Rich Newbold to discuss the launch of the game and the experience at the show.

"I'm completely blown away by the booth," said Rodgers. "Obviously I'm a huge fan of Jurassic World, huge fan of Jurassic Park and it just feels like you're walking into the film here."

"You've always wanted to make a game that you can have at E3 and have a booth that everyone talks about and this is it," adds Newbold. "This is the dream. This is what we've always wanted to do when we make games."

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The conversation also touched on the dual emotions around launch, excitement and nervousness, as well as the origins of the title and the actual game itself.

For more on Jurassic World Evolution check out our review of the park sim from Frontier Developments.

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