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The Sinking City

Frogwares: Nacon cracked, hacked and pirated our game

The horror game was previously pulled from digital storefronts due to a legal dispute.

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Yesterday we reported that The Sinking City developers Frogwares urged all gamers not to buy their horror game from Steam. The reason behind this is a big dispute with the French publisher Nacon, which Frogwares claims has pirated their game and uploaded it to sell on Steam - which is quite the accusation. Now we've gotten a lot more details as the studio has published a long open letter on their home page, which says:

"Nacon under the management of its president Alain Falc asked some of their employees, who we even identified, to crack, hack and pirate our game, change its content in order to commercialize it under their own name, and this is how they did it."

They even list how Nacon accomplished this task, and write that "intellectual property laws in France are rather serious and can lead to up to 7 years in jail and 750000 euros." We assume the last word hasn't been said here, as Nacon is expected to try to strike back. We'll see where this story ends.

The Sinking City

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