Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Frogwares forced to delay Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

The release could be pushed back as far as April.

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In an announcement via the game's Twitter account, developer Frogwares has made the hard decision to delay the release of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.

The upcoming third-person mystery title, which will see the famous detective grapple with Lovecraftian horrors, was originally set to be released in late February or early March.

Frogwares said: "Despite our best efforts to meet our February / early March release window, near-daily power outages and missile attacks have forced us to replan everything.

"Therefore, we decided to delay the game by a few weeks, moving it to late March / April 2023."

Additionally, a post has been made on the game's Steam page, talking about the matter further.

In it, Frogwares said: "Initially we were aiming to release our game in a February / early March release window.

"Unfortunately, the relentless strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine have forced us to work around continual blackouts and redo the entire production pipeline."

The developer continued: "But we'll do our best and push on as much as we can. Once we feel we are maybe a month away from release, we'll be able to announce our exact release date.

"Thank you very much for your understanding and support! We'll talk soon!"

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

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