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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Frogwares announces its next Sherlock Holmes game with lots of Lovecraftian flavor

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a remake of the 2006 original, and will have a Kickstarter behind it to support the Ukrainian studio during the Russian invasion.

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We are all aware of the situation in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and the ongoing attacks and fighting there, which have changed the lives of its inhabitants possibly forever.

Frogwares is no exception. We had already commented before that the studio had to interrupt its work due to the war escalation, and many of its workers moved to other parts of the country and even moved to a different one. Last we heard, they were preparing something called "Project Palianytsia," which the studio said fans of their Sherlock Holmes and The Sinking City stories would love.

Well, it seems that finally this Project Palianytsia has crystallised and we already know that its real name is Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, and it will be a remake of the same title released in 2006. It is a dark story, also inspired by the stories of H.P Lovecraft, following the narrative arc of the young Sherlock Holmes (who reinitiated the character with Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One) who faces his first big case once he settles in London.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch via a Kickstarter campaign launching in the coming days to help secure full funding for the game and offer fans some more bonuses and rewards for supporting the studio at a difficult time.

With the start of the Kickstarter campaign (which you can access from here) a first trailer of the game will also be released. For the moment, we have a few art illustrations and some screenshots, which you can see below.

Sherlock Holmes The AwakenedSherlock Holmes The Awakened
Sherlock Holmes The AwakenedSherlock Holmes The Awakened
Sherlock Holmes The AwakenedSherlock Holmes The Awakened

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