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Sea of Thieves

Friends play Sea of Thieves for free during this week

Scurvy seadogs are invited to try before they plunder as the Xbox team unveils new Friends Play Free promo.

One of the announcements yesterday during Microsoft's Inside Xbox show was a Sea of Thieves campaign called Friends Play Free, and that pretty much describes what it's all about. Or as Rare themselves puts it:

"For one week only, you can invite up to three friends to set sail with you on the Sea of Thieves - completely free! Don't miss Friends Play Free, running from February 6th-13th. Are you a lonely pirate? Do you long for a crewmate (or three) to join your piratical exploits? Simply head over to our website and redeem your codes from tomorrow".

We should remind you that Rare means today when they write tomorrow, as Inside Xbox aired very late by European standards. So just head over to this website to be able to invite friends for some piratical adventures.

Microsoft also revealed the split between the formats for Sea of Thieves last week. It turns out 35.2% plays on Windows 10 and 64.8% are on Xbox. Will you invite some friends for some looting and mischief?

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