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Frictional Games releases trailer teasing new game

Frictional Games have upped its ARG tease by revealing what seems to be the actual game.

Our friends over at Frictional Games have kept fans of Soma and the Amnesia games on their toes after releasing an augmented reality game for their next game over the last few months, and now it seems like we're closing in on the real unveiling.

The studio has released a new teaser trailer that isn't a pulsing white light, rocks or anything like that. It actually seems to be a short gameplay clip where a distraught female voice is heard while a blinking effect slowly reveals a desert-like area where a big beam of light comes out of a cave. Tasi's choice of words has also caught our interest by giving us real Soma/Amnesia-vibes, so we're definitely getting another horror game. Besides that? We don't know, but we definitely look forward to finding out.

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Frictional Games releases trailer teasing new game

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