Amnesia: Rebirth

Frictional Games acknowledges that reception to Amnesia: Rebirth was a "mixed bag"

Sales for the game were also revealed to be over 100,000.

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With several months now passing since the launch of Amnesia: Rebirth, developer Frictional Games has published a blog post reflecting on its reception from players.

Within the blog, its noted that reception to Rebirth proved to be a "mixed bag" and the developers touched on a few aspects of the game that proved decisive. First of all, the game's pregnancy mechanic was mentioned and the developer's stated: "Even though we knew this going in we probably underestimated how big of a turn-off the pregnancy aspect would be for some people, to the point where it completely overshadowed the rest of the game."

Another aspect of the game which seemed to divide player opinion was the "fear mechanic," which causes the player to experience some pretty horrific sounds and images if they stay too long in the dark. The blog post states: "In hindsight I think our intentions were right but even if it worked out well for a lot of people, we could have put more effort into making the "death moments" more tangible and clear. We could also have created a stronger sense of losing control (to your inner monster) and further enforced the threat it posed on your unborn child."

Along with these points of reflection, the developer also shared some updated sales figures for Rebirth and its previously released title SOMA. Rebirth has now reportedly sold over 100,000 copies and SOMA has sold over 1 million copies on PC.

Amnesia: Rebirth

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