French union voices concern about Don't Nod and its stacked development pipeline

The Banishers and Jusant developer has already issued a response to the allegation that it cannot handle the number of projects it is undertaking.

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Don't Nod has been a very productive developer as of late. The French studio launched Jusant back in October 2023, and is debuting Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden as soon as tomorrow (February 13, 2024).

With such a list of projects on the go at once, a French union, STJV, has issued a statement saying that it is concerned about the welfare of the individuals who work at Don't Nod, going as far as to say that the developer is taking on more projects than it can handle, with eight projects said to be in the works as of October 2023. STJV also states that Don't Nod has problems with its organisation, and that there are frequent staff transfers between projects with no apparent goal in mind. There were also allegations that developers didn't know that Banishers was being delayed from its former November 7, 2023 release date until 30 minutes before the public announcement was made.

Don't Nod has since issued its own statement to GamesIndustry in reply to the STJV's allegations, where the French developer went as far as to add that "allegations of staff being 'regularly mistreated' do not align with our company values and culture. We prioritise creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where every individual is treated with respect and dignity."

Don't Nod continues by adding that it is "committed to upholding a supportive and inclusive work environment for all," and that it is "committed to addressing any issues raised constructively."

Don't Nod has been regarded as one of the more progressive developers, as the French studio does offer full-time remote work and permanent contracts, amid other employee-first options.

French union voices concern about Don't Nod and its stacked development pipeline

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