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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

French team dizLown wins Assembly Weekend Helsinki

There was $15,000 USD at stake.

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There are plenty of CS:GO tournaments to get excited about these days, and one of them took place over this past weekend in Finland. The Assembly Weekend Helsinki saw teams from all over Europe, including many teams from Finland, compete in the capital for the grand prize of $15,000 US dollars.

In the early stages teams like Finnish side Rynnäkköviikset, Bulgarian lineup Outlaws, and the German Planetkey all advanced, as well as dizLown, however, Rynnäkköviikset were all the more impressive as they were the only qualified team to advance from this stage, the rest being invited teams.

The semi finals then saw Rynnäkköviikset take on French outfit dizLown, however, this is where the road would end for them, registering a 2-1 defeat, the same margin by which Outlaws beat Planetkey in the other semi final. In this final, dizLown and Outlaws faced off on Dust II and Overpass, however, dizLown comfortably won both maps 16-6 and 16-10 to win the tournament.

Do you like smaller scale tournaments like this, or would you rather see the big guns in things like Eleague?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Otto Jahnukainen | Assembly Winter 2017

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