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Bound by Flame

French games go cheap on Steam

Celebrate Bastille Day with discounts.

Capital Games, an organisation that houses "a group of video games developers in the Île-de-France area around Paris" have announced a sales promotion called "From Paris with Games" on Steam to coincide with Bastille Day (July 14) - the promotion runs until July 16 and sees discounts on a wide range of games from RPGs like Bound by Flame and Mars: War Logs, racing with Trackmania, and strategy with the Wargame series, and overlooked action-adventure Remember Me.

How to Survive and game DLC (-50%)
Blood Bowl Chaos Edition (-75%)
The entire Wargame franchise (-30%)
Wargame Red Dragon (-40%)
Bound By Flame (-40%)
Space Run (-33%)
Faery: Legend of Avalon (-33%)
Mars: War Logs (-75%)
The Last Express (-75%)
Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon (-25%)
Gauge (-50%)
EYE Cybermancy (-90%)
Storm (-75%)
Puddle (-70%)
Let's Sing (-50%)
Aarklash Legacy (-75%)
Cities XL Platinum (-80%)
Stellar Impact (-75%)
Remember Me (-66%)
Trackmania² Valley (-50%)
Trackmania² Canyon (-50%)
Trackmania² Stadium (-75%)
Shootmania Storm (-75%)

We don't see the discounts on Steam just yet, but they should appear there shortly.

Bound by Flame
Bound by Flame

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