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Freemium no longer free according to Apple

Free has been replaced with "get" on AppStore.

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It might be a step in the right direction. At least something is being done about the sometimes not entirely honest representation of freemium games. Apple has decided that freemium games should no longer be marked as Free on the "buy button" in the App Store. Instead it is now says Get.

Considering freemium is under fire not just by core gamers but also by consumer groups as well the European Union, this seems to be a small step towards informing gamers, that freemium is hardly ever free, but rather pay to keep playing.

We have seen how awful that kind of monetisation can be implemented recently with EA's Dungeon Keeper, still a lot of people do not understand the concept of freemium, and often think it is actually a free game they are being offered. The new label may help inform people, even if it's clearly not a solution to the core issue.

What do you think? A giant leap for mankind or simply a means for Apple to shift some of the responsibility?

Dungeon Keeper

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