Free upgrade for Steam or GOG owners of Darksiders

Owners of the original can access the remaster right now at no extra cost.

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Darksiders Warmastered Edition has recently been released alongside a couple of new trailers, and the release also came with a nice surprise for owners of the original game.

If you bought a copy of Darksiders through Steam or GOG then you will automatically be upgraded to the remastered version. Not to fret though, if you do not own the original then you can pick it up for 80% off until December 2, which drops it to just $3 (about £2.40) on GOG.

Darksiders tells the story of War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It also saw a sequel in which you play one of War's fellow horsemen, Death. The original game received quite favourable reviews and the remastered version has a number of visual improvements. These upgrades include doubled texture resolutions, 4K support, re-rendered cutscenes, post-processing effects, a number of graphics options (FOV, anti-aliasing, texture filtering), plus native Steam controller support and Steam trading cards. As you can see, they've added quite a bit.

You can check out the new Warmastered game in action in the recently released trailers below. Are you a fan of the original?


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