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Tails of Iron

Free expansion Bloody Whiskers adds a post-game questline to Tails of Iron

Here Redgi will take on many fierce warriors to get access to the old King's room.

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Punishing Souls-like Tails of Iron has just received its first post-launch expansion, and it's free for players across all available platforms. Bloody Whiskers unfolds after the events of the main game, and it sees players take on many fearsome foes to try and secure the key to the old King's room. Will there be treasure lurking inside? That's unclear, but it's this sense of mystery that will motivate you to fight on.

Along with this new questline, Bloody Whiskers features two new difficulty settings: hard mode and easy mode. Easy mode is said to be a more relaxed experience for newcomers to the genre, and hard mode will push even the most seasoned of players to their limits. The update also contains five new bosses, five new outfits, and five new weapons skins (this includes cosmetics previously available over the Halloween period).

Tails of Iron

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