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Back to the Future: The Game

Free Back to the Future Ep.1

Cracking download offer from Telltale

Adventure fans - thought you should know: you can download the first Episode of its Back to the Future episode for absolutely free from Telltale Games website right now - though you got to wait a bit before you can actually play it.

As part of an incentive to drum up support for the full five episode 'season' going on sale as a collection, Telltale are offering it at a reduced price, and at the same time offering newcomers a chance to sample the new Marty and Doc adventure with a free download of the first episode.

However, while you can download the game as of now, Telltale won't be unlocking access to it just yet - a confirmation email of the download states that it'll be available to play this month, so we're assuming another email will be on its way in the not too distant future.

All you got to do is go here and register yourself up to the site, at which point you'll be given your free download code. Just click through to your newly created account and click again to start your free download. The offer is available to both PC and Mac owners. We're downloading it for the Mac as we speak.

No news on how long this offer is on for, though the discount season price is on until March 2. So head on over and get some free stuff.

Back to the Future: The Game

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