Frame rates and resolutions of the Outriders demo

Xbox Series X runs at higher resolutions, whereas PlayStation 5 seems to have the more stable frame rate.

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The Outriders demo was released a week ago, and it was instantly really popular, and has already reached over two million downloads, as recently reported. Now Digital Foundry has done what they do best and analysed the demo to find out how it runs for the consoles.

It turns out that the major difference between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X compared to last gen, is the frame rate. Xbox One X is used from last generation, and runs in 1728p to 1944p with a target frame rate of 30 frames per second. They do note that it isn't an even performance with dropped frame rates and some stuttering though, but sums it up as: "the scope and quality of the visuals looks very close to what the new wave of consoles are delivering".

Xbox Series S runs the game between 900p to 1440p and is targeting 60 FPS. There are drops though and down to 45 FPS was measured, with some minor differences in foliage, which is "noticeable" but "not a deal breaker". PlayStation on the other hand runs the demo in resolutions between 1260p to 1800p and "only has minor drops from its target 60 frames per second".

Finally there is Xbox Series X which runs in the highest resolution at 1440p to 2088p. It does however drop the frame rate more than PlayStation and was measured down to 50 FPS.

Over all, it seems like People Can Fly has done a great job with the game, and it's worth remembering that this is only a demo with almost four weeks to the full release on April 1. Hopefully the frame rates can be smoothed out for the Xbox consoles and the resolution can be bumped up for PlayStation 5 by then.


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