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Alien: Isolation

FoxNext confirms: Alien Isolation 2 not in development

Head of external development TQ Jefferson also compares the reception of Blackout to that of Diablo Immortal.

Various reports have suggested for a while, that something linked to Alien: Isolation has been in development for a while, but now it has been revealed as mobile game Alien: Blackout, which stars Isolation main character Amanda Ripley, but is not connected to Isolation. That was disappointed to fans expecting a sequel, and now here comes another nail in the coffin.

In a statement given to Variety FoxNext vice president of external development TQ Jefferson confirmed that a sequel to Alien: Isolation is not in development.

"There are a lot of stories we can tell in the franchise. We can tell more stories about Amanda Ripley without it being an 'Isolation' game."

Furthermore, Jefferson commented on the fan backlash after the Blackout reveal, but he does not see a direct connection to the Diablo Immortal reveal at Blizzcon last November.

"I can see some people making a connection between 'Diablo' and this, but I think it's a bit of a leap. The 'Diablo' backlash was focused on free-to-play and mobile, our game is a premium mobile game where you pay one price and you're done. It's a contained experience."

Now, let's hope that Jefferson hears the screams of Alien Isolation fans sometime soon...

Alien: Isolation

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