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Four PUBG players in the NPL banned for three years

They were found to be using third-party software and have paid the price after an official investigation found them guilty.

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The National Pro League (NPL) for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently preparing to pit the best North American players against one another this year, but the official PUBG Esports Twitter account has revealed that sanctions have already been passed against four players - Christian 'Cuhris' Narvaez; Liam 'Liammm' Tran; Tyler 'DevowR' Sti; and Mark 'Tefl0n' Formaro.

These four players received in-game bans on December 19 for the use of "unauthorised programs", and after an investigation these players were found to have used third-party software in public matches and NPL Online qualifiers.

As a result all four players are banned for three years starting on December 31, 2018, and what's more is that them and their teams are banned from the NPL, being replaced by the next four teams in the standings as of December 15-16 (which is when the Online Qualifiers third round took place).

PUBG Esports also made clear that anyone banned in-game will get a minimum three-year suspension in future too, so they're cracking down hard on cheaters.

Is three years too much?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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