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Forza Motorsport improvements for 2024 detailed

Turn 10 explains what they will be working on next.

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Forza Motorsport was released in October 2023 and was met with positive, although not raving reviews. Since then, Turn 10 has tried to improve the game in various ways and listened to their community. As a result, they have now presented three areas they will work on going forward in 2024:

Car Progression: Turn 10 acknowledges that the progress system in Forza Motorsport is a contentious topic among players, and that they are exploring changes to make it more satisfying and enjoyable.

Forza Race Regulations: Unfortunately, the Forza Race Regulations do not work as intended in some situations, and Turn 10 are working to improve the system by collecting data from experienced players.

AI driving behavior: Turn 10 addresses the feedback on AI driving behavior, such as sudden braking and slowing, poor acceleration out of corners, and strict adherence to racing lines. They say their priority is to fix overly aggressive AI and get a cleaner start to the race.

Forza Motorsport launched on October 10 for PC and Xbox Series S/X, and it is also included with Game Pass. Check out our review to find out more about what it has to offer digital racing fans.

Are these three improvement areas in line with what you were hoping for?

Forza Motorsport
Forza MotorsportForza Motorsport

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