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Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 has over 28 million players

And its second expansion will be revealed this week, so expect this number to grow a lot.

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As noted by several users on social media, the number of drivers in Forza Horizon 5 has continued to climb at a brisk pace. Eight months ago, we reported that the game had reached a whopping 20 million players, something it reached faster than Forza Horizon 4 got to the 10 million players milestone.

Since then, new gamers have been arriving at a pace of an average million users per month, which means Forza Horizon 5 has now passed 28 million drivers.

We believe this number will continue to climb by a lot as Playground Games has now revealed that they will announce and show the second expansion for the game tomorrow (February 23 at 18:00 CET). The first expansion was the brilliant Hot Wheels (check out our review), which did leak way ahead of the announcement. This time it seems like Playground Games has been airtight and there aren't even any good rumours of what to expect.

Is there anything in particular you are hoping for from the second Forza Horizon 5 expansion?

Forza Horizon 5Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5Forza Horizon 5

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