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Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 gets 1965 Transit Mk 1 van

Ford of Britain even provided a real vehicle to model it on, as you can see in the accompanying trailer.

When you think of Forza you might think of supercars and the type of vehicles you only see in your dreams, but a new video reveals a brand new addition to the game that's a bit unexpected, since it's the Transit Mk 1 van from 1965, featuring a 75 horsepower engine.

You can see what went into creating this 'legendary' vehicle in the video below, and you can download, modify, and race it in the game right now. Ford of Britain even provided a real one out of their heritage collection to model it on, with photographers taking up to 1,000 pictures to help the team create it in the virtual world, even down to the hinge bolts on the door.

"The Ford Transit is such a unique car that we wanted to have the very first one in the game," said Miko Russell, Forza Horizon 4 photographer. "We like to switch it up on people a little bit!"

Last month we drove the new Ford Ranger Raptor in Forza and in real life, and at E3 we also got word of the Lego DLC landing in the game, so it's safe to say there's plenty of variety packed into the game for everyone to enjoy.

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