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Forza creative director gives insight into Le Mans event

We spoke to Dan Greenawalt about Forza's esports scene.

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It's a pretty good time to be a fan of Forza esports right now, as the Forza Racing Championship is heading to Le Mans later this month, and we recently spoke to Forza's creative director Dan Greenawalt about the game's esports scene, and the Le Mans event specifically.

Greenawalt said that Le Mans "is very exciting, this is our third season [which] attracts a lot of people. At NY Auto Show we did a competition of esport and then we kicked off the season 3. We already have a million of participants who can [get] involved. At Le Mans it will be an entirely new class, and at the end our esport competitor will be on the same scene than Le Mans Winners, and this is what is very exciting. We want to make virtual racing just as real, so we want esports to be a valuable career for people, and elevate esport as something equal to real world sport."

This also builds into the prize money too. "Hundred thousand dollars, and we want to do the largest esport racing event. This is going to be a huge competition. We want to elevate it to something more sport than electronic."

In terms of esports in general, Greenawalt revealed he likes quite a lot about it. "I love watching esport competitions, CS:GO and League of Legends. It's a very exciting space, it's another type of view ship and it's a different group of people, a different audience. It's different to actual racing, but there are so many things we can do, so I'm excited [about] where we can go, how we can grow with our community," he said.

Lastly, we also asked about the relationship with Porsche and how that's been, and Greenawalt said it's a "really cool relationship, it's great for fans, and it's great for us as creators. This is a six year partnership that we signed, and that six year partnership is about creating experiences for both Porsche fans and Forza fans that exist in the real world and in the virtual. In the past it was hard but with the increasing [influence] of esports and gaming in general i'st easier to have partnership with industries like Porsche."

Is Forza the top racing esport right now?

Forza Motorsport 6

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