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Forward compatibility has a price

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Harmonix have been making a big deal out of the "forward compatibility" of songs in Rock Band and Rock Band 2. And all the downloaded songs you have bought for Rock Band until now will work with Rock Band 2 as well free of charge. However, if you wish to import the songs on the disc of Rock Band to your Rock Band 2 experience you will need to download a patch that costs 5 dollars (or 400 Microsoft points). This patch will also be required if you want to download and play any further Rock Band songs in Rock Band 2.

Why simple questions is: Why couldn't they include the patch on Rock Band 2 and why do we have to pay again to use something we have already bought? Is it really worth those five dollars, Harmonix? I guess that is a silly question... Millions of dollars coming in says - YES!

Meanwhile, there are three songs from the Rock Band disc that will not work with Rock Band 2. Covers of Paranoid (Black Sabbath) and Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden) as well as the Metallica master track Enter Sandman will not run on Rock Band 2. No explanation as to why has been supplied, but it may very well have something to do with exclusive video game rights to the music of certain bands.

Rock Band 2 will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 on September 23 in the United States. The other versions will follow in the fourth quarter. There will be a similar time exclusive on Xbox 360 in Europe, but no date has been set for the release yet.

If you are aching for on Rock Band 2 - check out our hilarious interview with Helen McWilliams and the rest of the Harmonix crew from Games Convention in Leipzig.

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Rock Band 2

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