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Pieces of Short Reviews of Honda Rebel

The Wheels & Waves festival returned to Biarritz last week, with one of the highlights of the five-day custom motorcycle and styling event being a showcase of Honda mods based on a specific model. from the brand's portfolio. The focus this year is on the company's Rebel line of cruisers, with Rebel 500 and Rebel 1100 versions coming in collaborations with custom shops and dealers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Builds play with different styles, themes, and influences to showcase the range of customization possibilities available with Rebel, and Honda says it is sharing ten standout customizations on the Honda Customs website for those who cannot check. out to Biarritz. View the car on, submit your vote and Honda will announce the winner at the end of August. In the meantime, take a close look below.

Honda Rebel Street (from the UK)

British builder Guy Willison designed ugly looks based on the CB1100RS and  CB1000R, but the Rebel presents a whole new challenge to Honda. The Honda Rebel Street 5Four has a street feel with accents of urban vibes, as you can see from the candy-red and cracked ivory paintwork of this Rebel 500 powered by Pro Kustom. You'll also notice hand-crafted details throughout, including mirror-polished side plates, Brazilian hardwood grips, a racing tailgate and a stainless steel front panel, complete with headlights. race track type. A unique Race fit Urban Growler titanium exhaust completes the look.

Talk about Rebel Waves (from France)

FCR's third entry takes the Rebel 500 as a starting point and gives it a laid-back, beach cruiser feel. The outlet says this build, called "Rebel Waves," is inspired by the Wheels and Waves carnival feel and seaside location, with a healthy dose of California spirit on full display, an attached skateboard and all. The engine still exists, but there are some modifications to the rear suspension, handlebars, front fenders, exhaust, barrel and a rear rack. The California Dreamin` vibe is complemented by blue and white paintwork with a wave pattern on the fuel tank.

When it comes to Rebel 1100… (from Spain)

Another wild touch on the Rebel 1100 comes from Mallorca Motos, thanks in large part to its corneal-burning metallic green finish. Take a closer look and you'll notice other nifty details like the matte black flying screen, hand-painted front fenders and fuel tank, and a  modified high-angle silencer from the CB300R. The Neo Retro-inspired bike also features highlights such as round mirrors, travel forks, a single diamond-stitched saddle, and a more aggressive riding position.

How about Rebel 500? (from Portugal)

It's a paint job. Portuguese dealer Motoveiga says it drew inspiration from 16th-century Spanish armor and Florentine lilies to transform the Rebel 500 (or CMX500 as it's known in Europe) into a captivating work of art.  The car has a hand-painted canister complete with a detailed headlight frame and clutch cover. A Vance & Hines silencer and leather seats add to the premium finish.

Honda Garonda / Portugal

Honda Garonda, another Portuguese dealer, has come up with a build called "Lucy" which, as far as we can interpret, emphasizes the power of the Portuguese sun. This bike is also inspired by the classic CB175 model of the 60-the 70s and has a unique white gold paint color, highlighted by the handcrafted Rebel logo on the fuel tank. The sunny theme is further expressed through the use of white tires on the yellow wheels. Lucy also has some practical additions, such as an upgraded rear suspension, a new grille, and  Vance & Hines silencers.

Something about the Bobber (from France)

FCR's other custom Rebel 1100  entry went in the opposite direction with a more minimalist approach, completely adopting a bobber style. Here, the swingarm and suspension remain the same but are lowered 25mm at the front to give "The Bobber" a more aggressive look, highlighted by black wire wheels and custom-built fat tires. correction. Exposed headlights, ribbed leather seats and cut-out fenders are all classic bobber details. FCR also gives this Rebel 1100 a custom polyester-carbon fuel tank just like its Sport sibling. The ceramic-coated FCR Original exhaust adds a finishing touch and accentuates the car's mechanical beauty.

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