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New service of Honda Airblade150

Watching a movie where the protagonist jumps on a motorcycle leads to an epic chase that gives the feeling of fun and excitement you know only a motorcycle can deliver. You not only see it in movies but also in your daily commute as motorbikes rush through traffic, outstripping other vehicles. 

You want to feel the rush and freedom so much that you decide to buy a motorcycle for yourself and experience the joy of traveling that motorcycles bring to the rider. You tie up and hit the road when you get yourself a new bike, only to realize that you find it hard to ride and your body starts to ache. 

You don't know that the motorcycle you bought yourself isn't the ideal bike for you because it's so fast and so powerful that you can't keep your balance and stop, and cause you to have a crooked posture making it impossible to use it for a long time. Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the country's leading motorcycle manufacturer, has some advice on what aspects of a motorcycle will make your motorcycling experience more comfortable.

Never Forget Your Road Partner

A great motorcycle ride will always be an unforgettable experience, and like many owners, you also want your motorcycle to be extremely reliable. HPI answered that call and offered riders an incredibly innovative and sleek motorcycle, the all-new Honda AirBlade150. The all-new AirBlade150 is a stylish motorcycle boasting a powerful 150cc SOHC liquid-cooled engine for optimal out-of-the-box acceleration in stop-and-go situations. 

It helps to keep the wheels from locking, the full LED lighting system including headlights, position lights, and taillights helps to illuminate the road excellently, and the smart key with anti-theft warning and feedback system. 

It also includes a spacious 22.7L utility box that can hold a helmet with ample space for personal effects with power sockets and LED lights inside. It also features a digital speedometer that keeps track of your driving with an easy-to-read display system, and parking brake interlocks for added safety and convenience when stationary, and with low consumption. fuel is 47 km/litre. 

The all-new AirBlade150 comes in three amazing colors: Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Candy Ross Red. It is available at all Honda dealers for a suggested retail price of PHP 109,000. 

There's nothing to fear when it comes to the new adventure of horseback riding, especially with HPI's all-new AirBlade150, which is just one of a number of motorcycles that fit into our "ONE DREAM" campaign. They aim to realize the dreams of Filipino cyclists through the joy of portability.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Speed ​​can be tempting, especially when you get to your destination on time, but it has nothing to do with how reliable the bike is to beat the traffic. The motorcycle's size and handling are enough to help you deftly avoid traffic and reach your destination in comfort. Focusing too much on speed can be a bad thing or lead to unwanted traffic accidents. 

ABS will be invaluable in keeping you safe and confident on the road as it will prevent the tires and brakes from locking up and skidding if you brake too hard. You'll be more likely to use the brakes too much than worry about not using them enough when you're in a panic situation or going too fast for your ability to drive.

Smart Key with Anti-Theft Alarm

Theft of motorbikes will most likely be one of the biggest worries any motorcyclist can face while riding. There are many ways you can protect your motorcycle from theft, such as using a chain to secure the wheels or attaching disc brakes to the front brake rotor to lock the brakes and control the throttle. 

However, carrying these items can be a burden for cyclists who need to lighten the load they carry on a daily basis. Installing smart keys and anti-theft functions on your motorcycle can enhance your motorcycle's security while removing the burden of carrying extra belongings during your trip.

Seat Height

One thing to keep in mind is the chair height and its impact on your posture. When you come to a point where you need to stop and put one or both feet down, the saddle height needs to be high enough for your feet to touch the ground and help with balance while riding. Seats that are too high will cause your car to tilt, making it very difficult to ride for a long time.

Handlebar Height

Like saddle height, handlebar height affects your posture, which in turn affects your comfort level while riding. You will have easy access to the manual controls while on the motorcycle. You don't have to reach out or lean too far to use the controls. Your elbows should be slightly bent when you sit on the motorcycle and reach for control, this will help you stay comfortable and alert while riding.

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