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FC 24 Top 5 Skill Moves To Beat Defender

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in FC 24, understanding and executing Skill Moves is essential that will take your football skills to the next level and leave your opponents in awe. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 5 skill moves to help you beat defenders, providing insights into what they are, the various types, and why mastering them is crucial for success.

1. Heel To Ball Roll

FC 24 skill move the Heel to Ball Roll can bamboozle your marker. The movement of the skill allows you to shift the ball to either the left or to the right to beat an opponent easily. It’s very useful to use inside the box to beat a defender or down the wing. It’s already being used as “glitchy” by users, as you can sometimes use the skill move to look like you’re glitching through your opponent in the game.

Heel To Ball Roll is a 4-star skill move. To be able to perform it, simply hold the L1 or LB button and push the right analog stick once toward your player’s front side and right afterward toward his back, and it’s gonna elevate your game to the next level in FC 24.

2. Three Touch Roulette

As the name of this 4-star skill move declares, your player touches the ball three times to change the ball’s direction. And while doing so, he shields the ball away from the defender while putting his body in between.

You can perform the Three Touch Roulette skill move in FC 24 by holding L2/LT and then flicking the right stick towards the back of your player then flicking the right stick to the left/right of your player. This is a great move that will take your opponent by surprise and will open up some space for you to then pass or carry on dribbling. It is particularly useful down the wings and around the edge of the box.

3. Elastico

Elastico Is an older skill move and requires five-star skill moves – so that limits the skill to just a clutch of players in this year’s game. This move allows you to change the ball’s direction 90° by pushing it twice with the same foot. But it has two variations.

Normal Elastica is the move where your player pushes the ball initially forward and then towards the side. You can perform this move by pushing the right end lock stick first toward your player’s right and then rotating at 90° clockwise. Reverse Elastico is exactly the opposite. Your player pushes the bolt initially forward, followed by a little touch with the outside of his foot, which will change the direction of the ball. The input is also reversed, so that means you push the right end lock stick first toward your player’s left and then rotate 90° counterclockwise. It’s perfect to use inside the box if you are lacking the space and or have defenders in close proximity.

4. Flair Nutmeg

Flair Nutmeg is a new skill in FC 24. Hold L1 / LB with R1 /RB and flick your right analog stick to cancel the move to run in the designed direction rapidly. Although we recommend going in the sided area with Flair Nutmeg, you can go wherever you desire. That can achieve multiple things, such as creating new running or passing lengths.

To be able to execute a Flair Nutmeg, you need players with 4-star skill moves. If not, don’t worry, you can directly use FUT 24 Coins to purchase players that meet the requirements. Also, this nutmeg looks risky to pull off, but once it does, your player is through past their marker.

5. Drag To Heel

This is again another 4-star skill move. This year, it is very powerful since it allows you to make a very sharp turn. And if the defender overcommits beforehand, you have a decent chance of getting past him. To be able to execute this move, hold on to your L1& LB button and push the right end lock stick first towards your player’s back and then either towards his left or right.

But be aware if the opponent makes a move towards the ending point of the move, you may easily lose possession. So, watch the defender’s behavior, and if you think he is not capable of denying the space ahead of you, go for the Drag To Heel.

What do you think about the above Skill Moves in FC 24? Please let us know in the comment below.

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