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Fortnite's Zero Build mode has become a permanent fixture

There's a Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlist available to check out in-game now.

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Ever since Epic Games brought the Zero Build mode to Fortnite, a lot of players and fans have voiced their opinions on the mode and how beneficial it is to the longevity and health of the battle royale. Well, it turns out the massive interest in the mode and its success has led to Epic deciding to keep Zero Build around as a permanent fixture, as you can now jump into Fortnite to play the game without building systems as a solo player, a duo, a trio, or a squad.

Known as a "pure test of weapon, item and traversal ability", this mode can be found in the discover tab of Fortnite, wherein the option to queue alone or with up to four friends will be present.

As the blog post states, to accommodate the lack of building, each player has a recharging Overshield, and can use the parkour system known as Mantling, or Ascenders to zip up to blimps all in the effort to get some high ground when in combat.

While you can play Zero Build now, be sure to check out the new trailer for the mode below.


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