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Fortnite's Stranger Things crossover adds some fun skins

Play as the loveable Jim Hopper or as a menacing Demogorgon in Fortnite's Stranger Things crossover event.

Season three of Stranger Things was just released on the streaming platform Netflix and with that, the majorly successful Epic Games battle royale game Fortnite has joined forces with the beloved TV show to create some fun (but oh so spooky) skins for the now-live Fortnite X Stranger Things crossover event.

The new event, which you can access right now, gives you the option to play as fan-favourite chief of police, Jim Hopper or as a menacing Demogorgon and believe us when we say that a nightmarish monster performing a Fortnite dance is a joy to behold (no, seriously, check it out for yourself here).

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